The Torpedo Swing

The Torpedo Swing

The origins of Rock’n’Roll !

New version 2019
Mechanical music / Technical & theatrical pitch
Fixed show (25 min) / 2 times per day
2 comedians

Two workers-artists – desperately crazy, as usual – come to give an explosive demonstration of their damned musical machinery: the Torpedo Swing.
Just like blunted sword swallowers, they make every effort to noisily bring back to lifethe madness of this infernal engine in the sleepy city.
And we’ll learn throughout the story that the famous ancestor, the founder of the Dynamogène Establishment, had discovered a satanic rhythm which had laterbecome Rock’n’roll.

It plays in tune, runs like hell and knocks your socks off !

Creation 2010 / Almost 100 shows in 7 countries : Sziget Festival de Budapest (H), la Strada in Graz (H), Spancirfest in Varazdin (HR), Berniques en folie sur l’île d’Yeu, Liège (B), Freiburg (D), Luxembourg (L), Annecy, Perpignan, Nancy, Leucate, Dieppe …

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