The Cymbalobylette

The Cymbalobylette

true mechanical batucada !

Mechanical music / Technical & theatrical sales pitch
Fixed show (20 min) / 2 times per day

Deambulation : page Parades & Carnivals
2 comedians

Two artistic-workers of DYNAMOGèNE Ets are very very proud to present to you”the Cymbalobylette”. A hybrid mobile music machine, and a real mechanical batucada which exclusively relies on muscular energy…The utilitarian aesthetic of the whole is furiously reminiscent of agricultural machineryof roaring twenties. Officially recognized technical patter and acoustic concertplanned with crazy rhythms (samba – valse – bossa nova – paso doble & tutti quanti) …

An hybrid mobile music machine relying on muscular energy

One comedian sat on a bike activates, by pedalling, an flywheel which regulates the main tempo. And via a judicious system of gears (tabs, springs) releases drums we can program at will.
A second comedian tows the machine. Boisterious rhythms, acoustic concert & local dance are on the program depending on the mood. Good music for the ears and authentic mechanichal sales talk !

Creation 2006 / + 300 shows in 14 countries : Womad in New-Plymouth (NZ), Cupa-Dupa Festival in Wellington (NZ), Theater op de Markt in Hasselt (B), Fira de Manresa (E), Figura Festival de Baden (CH), Street Theater Festival d’Helsingor (DK), Carnival of Milano (I), Street Art Festival in Novi-Sad (SR) …

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