Au comptoir modeste

Au comptoir modeste

Traveling mechanical cabaret

Musical & gestural theater
Fixed show (flexible duration : 60 minutes) / C
apacity = 300 people
Two comedians, one music box & one text* box

A guinguette or a “caboulot”.
In any case, we willingly serve you a drink.
On the bar there is a peanuts distributor,
but these are nuts (M10) instead of peanuts.
This bistro has a funny look of a mechanical cabaret.
Two characters move about on both sides.
One day, it will open, for sure.
And I guarantee that there will be things worse than kid’s dreams,
better than a drunkard’s nightmare.
Cheers !

Au comptoir modeste is a traveling mechanical cabaret in which 2 actor-musicians perform. Around a huge music box, playful & dreamlike, the atmosphere is set.

The show consists of a serie of short modules (approximately 10 min.) which follow one another in a choreographic and sound ritual. These poetic commas are inspired by the bar’s daily life and plunge us into the childish imagination of a slightly crazy waiter.
Inserted into the machine, a luminous panel diffuses, punctually, smoky stories, kind of haikus and three mannequins (automaton / puppet), immobile customers, silently tell us about the life and work of hopelessly wacky characters


Création may 2022 in Meyrannes (30) Maison de l’Eau / already seen : St-Bresson (30) / Alès (30) festival cratère surfaces / St-Ambroix (30) maison rouge / Les Gets (74) festival des musiques mécaniques / Chalon-sur-Saône (71) festival Chalon dans la rue / Frontignan (34) / Pont-du-Gard (30) festival Pâques au pont / Nîmes (30) 10 ans de la SMAC Paloma, théâtre Christian Liger (journées de patrimoine), TelQuel théâtre, atelier Dynamogène … 

* All texts and poems readable by the spectators will be translated into the language of the country (English, German, Spanish…)


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