The Athletic-Cyclo-Disco-Club


The Athletic-Cyclo-Disco-Club


Participatory installation / 4h per day

Cyclist-friends who love music,
welcome to the Athletic-Cyclo-Disco-Club !
Come and sweat to music as you search for the right tempo,
and beat the world record of 45 rpm !
Be the rightfull heir of Chuck Berry, James Brown and Raymond Poulidor !

This machine works only with muscular energy !

The public (10 years old minimum) is invited to do some cycling (as an apartment bike) and/or turn the manivelle (2 fellows: musical sport is a family business). Rotation is sent, via a flywheel, to a generator. The electricity produced runs a record player that plays 45 rpm record.

The cylcing directly influences the speed of rotation. Finding the right tempo is a matter of specialists. Muscular music lovers, come and test your ears and calves!

Note: no need to be a certified athlete to run the machine.

Creation 2019 / already seen in “Garrigue en Fête” to the Pont-du-Gard, “Noëls insolites” in Carpentras, Fête de Lézan, Sanseverino concert and at Prolé (famous pub in Nîmes)…


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Dynamogène ACDC-Dynamogene-Theatrederue Non classé

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