Mr Culbuto

320 kg of raw poetry


Street intervention / Roving act
Interactive performance (2 x 45 min)
1 actor + 1 delivery boy

It’s a living toy waiting desperately for someone
to play with it, nonchalantly.
It’s pulled along the roadand put down here and there,
for a few minutes or more if friends come by.
Deep down he doesn’t really care. As if by magic, it moves.
Now it’s your turn, it’s a tumble toy waiting for you…

Mr Culbuto is not properly giving a show. He’s pulled along the streets by adelivery man who puts him down every now and again, and let him briefly andunexpectedly play with the audience (3 to 5 minutes). Then, the delivery manputs him back on the chariot and pulled him again…

Press : « One of the most inventive shows is Mister Culbuto, a human kelly doll guided by its slave as it rolls through crowds at weird angles. » The Guardian

Creation 1997 / Almost 1000 performances in 30 countries : Mimos in Périgueux, Daidogei Festival in Shizuoka (J), Moomba Festival in Melbourne (AUS), Jordan, Iceland, Portugal, Morocco, Korea, Singapore, Andorra, Belgium…

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